Auckland-based four-piece alternative rock band Coridian are a name that is, or should be, familiar to many within the New Zealand music scene. Having released two previous EP’s, Coridian are one of the hardest working bands in the country right now. Seeming to only come off the road (having toured with bands like Written by Wolves, City of Souls, Devilskin and many others) to hit the recording studio, this is a band that is driven by a strong brotherhood (literally) and unfaltering passion for the music they make.

The latest EP Eldur is the third EP in Coridian’s elements series. This series started with the impressive Oceanic, which was followed by Caldera and rounded out by Eldur. The series will be completed with the forthcoming Hava next year. The Eldur EP is a generation offering of seven powerful alternative rock tracks resplendent with an incredibly tight, and overall massive sounding, guitar, bass and drums courtesy of the Raven brothers (Mike, Nick, and Kris respectively) and the unique, soaring vocals of Dity Maharaj.

Production-wise, this is a stunning EP. It sounds crisp, clear, professional, powerful, and passionate. The energy that this band is so well known for is captured authentically in these tracks yet is restrained enough to let the playfulness of Dity’s voice duck and dive throughout the tracks without having to compromise any of the dynamics inherent in his vocal deliveries. The mixing is so completely on-point, this is an absolute masterclass in recording.

The highlights for me are previous singles Rite of Passage and The Witness which show why those in the know are so enamoured with Coridian. However, it is the closing track Mantra which may have come out as my absolute favourite on this EP. Clocking in at close to seven minutes, Mantra is a journey through sound, dynamics, and melody. It is also a track which allows each member of the band to demonstrate their strengths and has a fascinating moment at approximately 2 minutes into the track where the band threaten to overpower Dity’s powerhouse vocals before pulling back again to allow his voice soar over it all again.

This is a band that is just getting better and better, as they collect more and more road dirt from their hectic touring schedule and learn more and more about how they work together.

Overall, Eldur is fresh, immaculately produced, and is a fantastic display of what this new, yet seasoned collective are capable of. These songs will absolutely slay live, something that I am sure these lads will be looking forward to post-lockdown.



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