CALDERA - Release

From destruction and forces of nature a Caldera is formed. Overtime this crater is healed and life springs inside. Becoming a new living form of nature.

Coridian are pleased to release Caldera.

Available on all leading platforms - check out the links below



Track list


Nonetheless is inspired by the current problem with Mental illness and depression. The song is a glimpse into the journey of someone dealing with their inner demons.


A song about loss - the end of an era - the echo of emotions and the haunting of a relationship that is still healing. A time to reflect on yourself and begin the hard process of moving forward.


In a day and age where social media is how we stay in touch - people are losing some core values. Things of superficial value have taken importance over the pure fundamental principles in relationships. Friendships have been lost - relationships are fickle and we've lost connections with reality. My Pride in staying true to my core is something that has kept me steady in the waves of noise from social media and the "Selfie generation"

Birth of Symmetry

Instrumental Interlude


Seed, draws the metaphor of growth. Planted onto the earth, we travel through the lands and it shapes the person we are today. A simple concept, but sometimes forgotten.

The scars we carry are what shapes us - from our roots to our branching out, are a symbol of who we are and what defines us.

Blind Faith

Blind Faith focuses on the concept of how many of us take things at face value. People are brainwashed to believing something that has been fed to them - either at an early age or they have blind faith in the person who has delivered the message/information.

Written, Performed & Arranged by Coridian Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Zorran Mendonsa Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic @ Systematic Productions

Blind Faith Mastered by : Forrester Savell

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