"It's difficult to write a review while you're headbanging and dancing around the room&

You probably know by now that Coridian is made up of the Raven brothers (Kris on drums, Mike on guitar and Nick on bass) and Dity (on vocals).

If you didn't, you do now! Here is my running commentary of their debut EP.

The first song Fight or Flight starts with a soft hooky riff to lure you in (with some nice delay effect by Mike) before Dity's epic vocals kick in. I love that this song just builds and builds. It's subtle but gets you on board this musical journey of intricately balanced guitar and bass riffs bouncing off each other. Dity's voice beautifully suits the heavy energy of this piece and even has a few Jeff Buckley moments. This is what music sounds like when you put four exceptionally talented musicians in the same band!

We then kick into Brave Disguise which has the addition of nice atmospheric synth laid down by Mike Raven. This song starts slower than the predecessor but, in true Coridian fashion, the chorus epically holds it's own. The slow, heavy beat gives a Deftones-influence vibe. There are minimal leads and solos here which shows the boys' care in carefully constructing a song that doesn't overdo it. They could have done you know. I've heard Nick's sneaky bass lines, Kris' lead drum solos, Mike's solos and Dity's vocal range - but they believe in the epic simplicity of this song holding its own, which lends itself to a track that's just really decent and damn (for lack of a more complex word) catchy.

Next up, the single Alexandria launches straight in. No messing about here! This song really does feel like a kick in the pants. A good kick mind you. I'm just really keen to watch this live and sing along in the audience! I guess I should write about the composition and dynamics but I'd rather dance around. *Dances around to the rest of the song*.

Finally, we have Frogs and Crossbones - my favourite song on the EP. It sounds like Mike's got a reverse delay on the guitar in the intro which is frickin cool! And THEN Dity has these amazing 'telephone style' vocals which I adore. Then my head starts banging after he sings "Could not escape!" What a brilliant song to finish on. Then before you know it, the drum pattern changes up completely into hip-hop. And then changes again into kind of nu-metal (which they'll probably hate me for saying - correct me on the genre if I got that bit wrong!) I'm just imagining Dity dancing round during these hip-hop/nu-metal bits. If you get a chance to see Coridian live then take it up! A brilliant end to the debut EP.

Overall I got a big Deftones, Karnivool, APC and Incubus vibe from this EP, but they've created their own distinctive sound and I'm keen for more of it.

Could this be the next big thing in NZ rock? I think it already is.

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