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Coridian are a high energy, solid original act from Auckland that blend together a vast array of modern rock. Having played with them several times previously it was a pleasure to be able to sit down and work my way through this review of their latest offering – Blind Faith.

The production is crisp as we have come to expect from Zorran Mendosa and the song wastes no time establishing atmosphere with a wall of delayed guitar and big open cymbal accents before laying back into the softer verse. The vocals come in with conviction and establish a purposeful tone, the choice of melody and phrasing create a very catchy verse.

The power and pitching are impressive as the song lifts into the chorus and the vocals shift into a higher register, it forms an effective contrast to the softer verse and makes the chorus sound larger than life. There is a big crunchy wall of guitar either side of the vocal supporting this. No matter what anyone says, you cannot have too many layers of guitar in a chorus...

The drums and bass are in deadly synchronization and I like the use of rhythmic variation throughout the song and the use of different fills to avoid repetition. Each section of the song has its own unique flavour and they are all appealing like a well constructed sandwich, not one of those petrol station ones that look good and taste like rubber.

Lyrically I got what the song was about and it made sense, no complaints there. The lyric “make it a freedom call” stuck with me, it’s an interesting line that sticks out and grabs your attention with the song being called blind faith.

Overall it is a great effort from Coridian and I can visualize this song easily making its way onto the radio and being a mainstay. There is no doubt that this song will be met with great reception (pun un intended) on the road as they work their way up and down this country this summer.

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