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© 2015 Coridian.


Coridian are a high energy, solid original act from Auckland that blend together a vast array of modern rock. Having played with them several times previously it was a pleasure to be able to sit down and work my way through this review of their latest offering – Blind Faith.

The production is crisp as we have come to expect from Zorran Mendosa and the song wastes no time establishing atmosphere with a wall of delayed guitar and big open cymbal accents before laying back into the softer verse. The vocals come in with conviction and establish a purposeful tone, the choice of melody and phrasing create a very catchy ve...

You probably know by now that Coridian is made up of the Raven brothers (Kris on drums, Mike on guitar and Nick on bass) and Dity (on vocals).

If you didn't, you do now! Here is my running commentary of their debut EP.

The first song Fight or Flight starts with a soft hooky riff to lure you in (with some nice delay effect by Mike) before Dity's epic vocals kick in. I love that this song just builds and builds. It's subtle but gets you on board this musical journey of intricately balanced guitar and bass riffs bouncing off each other. Dity's voice beautifully suits the heavy energy of this piece and even has a few Jeff Buc...

August 28, 2015

You know when a band only exists as a vehicle for the lead singer. This is not one of those bands. Though ex-Mile High vocalist Dity’s voice is prevalent on every track of Coridian’s Oceanic , you can tell from the outset that this was once an instrumental band. 

They wear their instrumental origins on their sleeve. It’s all in the progressions and the moods. The sound-scaping with the effects and the way they don’t use the same repetitious drum pattern with a fill every fourth bar and think they can get away with it. It’s about the voice blending into and being part of the music, as opposed to the mu...

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