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March 15, 2019

Coridian are stoked to announce that we've been sponsored by locally owned/operated "Buried at Sea Co" 

With a summer range of Tees, Singlets, Caps and their recent Winter range of Jerseys, Hoodies, Track pants & Beanies

Check out their Instagram & Website

More pics to come

November 22, 2018

Auckland locals Armed in Advance kicked off the night! Reforming to play this show at The Powerstation, the trio took the stage. The crowd had packed in quite a bit at this point. The sound was definitely there and the strong coloured lighting occasionally gave it a bit of flare, but the performance was definitely lacking. It almost seemed as though they didn’t want to be there. After a short set and a quick photo with the crowd, they were done.

Next up were hard-hitting locals Coridian. Coridian have been all go lately, currently also touring with His Masters Voice. The intro played out and the band took the stage....

November 21, 2018

The Coridian set starts moody and ambient, full of reverb then suddenly plunges into full on high energy noise, with the lead singer, Dity Maharaj, jumping around the stage. This is clear cut heavy rock, optimistic and animated. They have the prowess and the vibe and make good use of the stage with Dity really giving it his all. In fact they’re all jumping around, save the drummer, Kris Raven, who clearly has a limited ability to move around while owning the percussion section. I like what he’s up to; he’s versatile and lightening quick when he wants to be.

There are lots of large theatrical movements which make full use...

With the sudden onslaught of temperatures reminiscent of winter and intermittent chilling rain nobody was sticking around outside Auckland’s Powerstation last night to wait for friends. As always, the door staff – who were braving the elements – made entry as easy as possible and more importantly quick! However, I was more impressed to see them picking up rubbish during their not so busy periods. It’s the small things like that, that make me appreciative of the staff and the effort that they make.

While most venues won’t even open the doors before 8pm, this show was all ages and therefore had an earlier start time. It wa...

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New Release: Caldera

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