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Caldera Review - Down the Front Media

Brothers Mike (guitars), Nick (bass) and Kris (drums) Raven had been playing instrumental progressive rock music together in their family home for a few years, and by 2012 became the Chuck Norris Trio and started gigging all over their native Auckland. They released their first EP ‘Black Bone Zoo’ in 2014, as an instrumental, and after deciding they needed an addition, Dity Maharaj’s powerful vocals became their fourth instrument, and the band became Coridian. The band is influenced by Incubus and Deftones and they released their first EP, ‘Oceanic’ as a four-piece, in August 2015.


‘Caldera’ was released in October 2017, and Coridian will have new music out in March 2018. Interestingly, a caldera is a huge bowl-shaped depression that is formed inside a volcano when it collapses in on itself following the evacuation of large volumes of magma. On Coridian’s bandcamp page it says “From destruction and forces of nature a caldera is formed. Over time this crater is healed and life springs inside. Becoming a new living form of nature.” It’s a pretty dramatic description to have as a title for an EP, but the EP itself is rather imposing.


First song ‘Nonetheless’ kicks off with melodic guitars riffs from Mike Raven and pounding drums from brother Kris, then the impressive vocals of Dity Maharaj come in. Floaty and breathy at times, yet strong and forceful at others, this guy can really sing. ‘Nonetheless’ is about mental illness, specifically about someone dealing with their inner demons. You can really feel the emotion behind the lyrics “Break my mind and free me from this cell”.


‘Reflections’ starts with those thumping drums and we hear the cracking bass of Nick Raven, working in perfect harmony with his brother. The vocals start off slowly and build into punchier verses with softer choruses, perfect for showing off more of Maharaj’s vocal range. Onto ‘Pride’, and what a treat! A soulful, melodic meld of the four members and their instruments. It is full of emotion, beautifully paced and the control in the vocals is outstanding.


‘Birth of Symmetry’ surprises me as it’s an instrumental track. I keep expecting some vocals to start, but they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I really like it, but I think it sounds like the start of a song. I wish it was longer too! Penultimate track ‘Seed’ has a slow build from the start and has a powerful heavy riff. The drums and bass combination on this track are fantastic, and Maharaj’s vocals are out of this world. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it.


‘Blind Faith’ feels a bit different to the other songs. A bit of googling and I discover it was released as a single about a year before the EP was launched. The song is about the blind faith people seem to have in their everyday lives. I think I prefer the other tracks, the newer stuff.


In summary, this is an exceptional EP and I haven’t stopped listening to it since it arrived in my inbox. I’ve bought it. I’m buying a t-shirt. Coridian need to come to the UK. Soon!


Track listing:-




Birth of Symmetry


Blind Faith





Dity Maharaj - Vocals

Mike Raven - Guitars

Kris Raven - Drums

Nick Raven - Bass


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