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Skinny Hobos Lucifer Tour

Coridian had the privilege to join Skinny Hobos on their 2nd EP release "Lucifer" Tour

We were set to perform 5 shows with the Hobos - Napier, Gisborne, Invercargill, Dunedin & Christchurch. This was going to be Coridian's first South Island shows and what better way to pop the gig cherry with our Hobros. Set to take place over the months of April & May 2019.

But with tradition of winter touring - quality of health can be a problem.

A week before our Gisborne/Napier shows I went into hospital to have an emergency appendix removal surgery. Fun times. Coridian had to pull out of those two shows - which was a shame, as we'd never performed in Gisborne before.

The following week was our South Island show, which technically gave me about 10 days of recovery from leaving the surgery table.

Needless to say - it was a struggle to walk, get in and out of a chair or even applying any pressure to my stomach - so the idea of expanding my diaphragm for singing and jumping around on a stage was wishful thinking at this point. But I hopped on a plane with the gang and we made the drive from Christchurch to Invercargill.

The shows went well...enough. We played great shows, I was just static and after each performance, had to deal with some extreme stomach pains (even with pain meds)

By the time we reached back to Christchurch, I was feeling a bit better and We were on fire - and the building had to evacuate due to a fire alarm. Which stopped our set half way. Fun times.

We all had a great time together, that the Skinny Hobos got us on board for 2 more North Island shows - Mt Maunganui and Whangarei.

These shows were amazing - everyone's health was back to 100% (I say everyone, when really it's always been me that's sick)

I also had the honour to jump on stage with the Hobos on their song "Jacked like the Ripper" and belt out some vocals. Fuck yeah...

All in all - with all the ups and downs, it was a successful tour support and I'm sure we made some new fans a long the way.

Thanks to everyone that attended, rocked out the front and picked up some merch. We appreciate all the support!



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