• Monique Ohlson @ Music Nation

P.O.D @ The Studio "Music Nation"

"Lead singer Dity had so much energy I swear he had energiser batteries somewhere to keep him jumping..."

As The Studio slowly started to fill up I knew we were in for an eventful night. Just as I made my way to the front and just off to the side for a great view,

Armed in Advance kicked. Hailing from Auckland the 3-member Rock band had great a sound and played really well getting the small but expanding crowd in the mood for what lay ahead.

Up next was local rock heroes Coridian. The guys shook it up to the next level and got everyone revved up, just like a decent support band should do.

Lead singer Dity had so much energy I swear he had energiser batteries somewhere to keep him jumping around the stage for the duration of their set! His smooth vocals were let down by a bit of feedback for some part of the set, but his professionalism showed and it never affected his performance.

So many catchy tunes and they had a massive following there, including but not limited to, a group of girls right up front and centre hanging off every word they sang while singing along themselves. Least to say they were big fans!

As they wound down for the night and got ready to introduce POD as the next gig, the place was pretty much packed to the rafters and anticipation and excitement was in the air.

With a quick break POD were sound checked and ready to roll. Opening with ‘Set it off’, the crowd were almost uncontrollable as a mosh pit quickly formed in front of me.

This place was really about to go off!!

Welcoming the crowd and announcing they were happy to be back here after so long, the show was underway. ‘Alive’ played as their second song, the audience lost their shit in a pure frenzy, moshing everywhere, drinks being spilled, people having the time of their lives.

Right into their next song, ‘Boom’ lead singer Sonny Sandoval got right up close and personal with the front row, so much so he almost fell right in with them!! Reaching out and shaking hangs with everyone, they were all lapping it up and moshing and trying to get him to crowd surf. It was quite spectacular.

With great lighting helping to rock the place down, there was no stopping them now as they went right into the next song. And another I dare say most of you will all know, ‘Youth of the Nation”.

There was not a single person in the room that didn’t know every single word to this song, so Sonny let us take over and sing for him during some parts. It was awesome and POD loved it just as much. Having performed in NZ 16 years ago, it was well overdue that we would all be there singing right along with him in a great classic song.


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