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Heart & Noise - Caldera Review

"Caldera’s message is one steeped in gentle anger."

From the crunchy opening roar of Nonetheless, it’s clear we should sit down, shut up and listen. Auckland rockers Coridian have some things they’d like to discuss.

Grungy to anthemic, in the blink of an eye the northern foursome’s second EP Caldera burns a musical fury, leaving behind the charred remains of a letter addressed to keeping on smiling, though through gritted teeth.

Catchy and meditative, Caldera’s message is one steeped in gentle anger. Turning things inward, it’s a rally against our nasty cultural trend of self-sabotage and cutting ourselves down for fear of flying too high.

Resilience to mainstream medicine coupled with a blasting grass-roots persistence, Caldera has Coridian in good stead – a band whose authenticity and punch wouldn’t be out of place headlining a festival or featuring prominently on the late-and-great Channel Z compilations.

Equal parts volume and virtuosity, not only is Caldera a showing of polish and potential, it’s a bloody good argument for perseverance and the importance of continuing to rattle a few cages.

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