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An Introduction to Coridian

What do Walker, Texas Ranger and cable TV fitness equipment commercials have to do with music? Absolutely nothing, but the Raven brothers (Mike, Kris and Nick) were once an instrumental rock group known as the Chuck Norris trio.

Nowadays they have teamed up with vocalist Dity Maharaj, who was inspired to join the band by their live shows, and they are rapidly making a name for themselves under the new moniker Coridian. Having released their first EP Oceanic back in 2015, they have been slowly building their fanbase with support slots to high profile rock acts such as Skinny Hobos, Ekko Park, and the platinum-selling Devilskin.

Their time as an instrumental trio has taught them valuable lessons in musical arrangements, with natural progressions and emotive compositions that raises the heart rate and leaves the muscles twitching and craving movement; some fans have described having “skin orgasms” when listening to the music, although others may simply refer to them as goosebumps. Critics and reviewers have drawn comparisons between Coridian and international bands such as Tool, Chevelle, Incubus, Billy Talent and even the likes of Ozzy Osbourne. They have a simple, but solid style of music that uses strong guitars, punchy drums, and undulating bass riffs, combined with an impressive natural vocal range, to provide a familiar, yet creatively distinctive musical style. The atmosphere of their live shows is electric. Led by their vocalist, Dity, they play with emotion and passion, and move about the stage in a manner that mirrors the energy of each track. Rather than aiming to fit in to a niche or genre, their music aims to set a mood, and will adjust their style in order to create that aura and feeling.

Coridian’s real strength, however, lies in their humility and modesty. Never afraid to chat, they are more than happy to shoot the breeze with anyone after their shows, and they truly welcome constructive criticism, looking for ways to improve their sound and performance. Ever thankful for the people that go out to watch them perform, and the bands that play alongside them, they foster a positive and welcoming environment that draws people in.

Completely re-recording two of their singles, they have released their second EP in October, and are heading out on a North Island "Caldera tour" throughout November, ending with a support slot for American rock band Fuel’s upcoming show in Auckland.


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