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"Reflections" AUCKLAND - Release show

Auckland band Coridian were up next and I can see why this line-up is playing together straight away as Skinny Hobos are the only band I have seen previously. Again, like AnimalHead, I had heard the name Coridian but last night was my first time watching them.

Dity is one of the best Rock frontmen I’ve seen live in a long time – he knows how to work a crowd and is jumping all over the stage right from the first note. I couldn’t help but think to myself that I would love to see what he could do on a bigger stage and I would love to see them perform at The Powerstation or similar venue. Dity had the crowd eating out of his hands and by the end of their set the entire front half of the room is jumping up and down.

The set that Coridian played last night was a mix of fast Rock, slower Bluesy tunes with Jazz elements and heavier grunge tones. I don’t want to keep drawing similarities with AnimalHead but this is another band that lovers of all heavy music can get into.

This show was to celebrate their release of their newest single Reflections which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Tidal and Deezer with all of these links available on their Facebook page.

Reflections is a song that takes the listener on a journey and I loved where it took me. I could relate to most of the songs Coridian performed and my favourites were Reflections, Milk, Brave Disguise and their last song Blind Faith. Brave Disguise spoke to me the most and while writing this review I’ve already listened to it three times.

By the end of their set I was regretting not having checked out their music prior to coming to the show but it is definitely providing me with some amazing music to check already.

Coridian have a few shows coming up get out and support them! They are touring with Wellington band Curlys Jewels in May and June. 26th May they are playing at Lovelands in Wellington (which has already SOLD OUT!) then the 10th of June at the Cabana in Napier and on the 24th June they are playing at Backbeat Bar in Auckland, so get along!


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