Pride - Lyrical breakdown

Pride When I write my lyrics, I usually try to keep them fairly multi-interpretable. Pride for me was a story about how people spend too much time showcasing themselves through social media. Not being present in the moment, not appreciating their physical and spiritual surroundings, but instead manufacturing their story with that “perfect” snapshot of their lives. During my travels and even daily interaction with people, I am somewhat disappointed when I see individuals live their lives around selfies. Constantly wanting to be “a part of something” but in reality they aren’t experiencing anything. Call it bragging rights or a vehicle to feed their low self esteem/ego, but it’s not a healthy

Reflections - Lyrical breakdown

Reflections The breakup song. Reflections is a very intense and emotional song for me. I remember writing the words in a matter of minutes. Full of emotions, I was weeping while I wrote, I was a mess. But like the tears, the words poured out of me. During the first few months, many thoughts entered my mind - Was it my fault? what could I have done to prevent this? Could it still be salvaged? Was I the problem? Will we just go back to bad habits again? I don't care, I just want her to be happy again! Will I be able to love again? While I was dealing with the break up - I was doing a lot of meditation and mindfulness. These were methods of practice that helped me heal - and that’s what Reflect

Nonetheless - Lyrical breakdown

Nonetheless Mental health was the driving factor for this song. After going through some dips in my own life - I picked up some coping methods and tools that pulled me out from my hole. From that, I offered myself as a soundboard for others dealing with their own problems. It then inspired me to write these lyrics. I covered topics on how isolated we feel when going through depression. How many people outside of the looking glass cannot understand the reality of these chemical imbalances coursing through our system. "You really feel like you’re alone and walking in slow motion as the world continues on its own" So my attempt with Nonetheless was to shed some light in this experience. To ackn

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