P.O.D @ The Studio "Music Nation"

"Lead singer Dity had so much energy I swear he had energiser batteries somewhere to keep him jumping..." As The Studio slowly started to fill up I knew we were in for an eventful night. Just as I made my way to the front and just off to the side for a great view, Armed in Advance kicked. Hailing from Auckland the 3-member Rock band had great a sound and played really well getting the small but expanding crowd in the mood for what lay ahead. Up next was local rock heroes Coridian. The guys shook it up to the next level and got everyone revved up, just like a decent support band should do. Lead singer Dity had so much energy I swear he had energiser batteries somewhere to keep him jumping aro

P.O.D @ The Studio

Having formed almost twenty-six years ago, San Diego natives P.O.D have easily garnered one of the most dedicated fan base followings that a band could wish to have. So it was no great surprise that people were already lining up outside the doors of Auckland’s own The Studio long before opening time. Once inside fans were treated to not one but two outstanding New Zealand support acts to start their night off with a bang. Armed In Advance have been doing the rounds lately and it has certainly paid off over the last twelve months; not only has the band gained more followers but they have evolved into an entity that is far stronger in stage presence and musically tighter. While only a three pi

I Am Giant @ Totara St

When you are about to embark on an evening of three bands which kicks off with Coridian, you know you are in for a real treat, despite the fact it marks the end of ten years of one of New Zealand’s finest heavy rock bands, I Am Giant, who are calling it a day with this final tour entitled ‘Life In Captivity’ which is commemorated with the release of their third album of the same name. A headliner in their own right, Coridian take to the stage with rapturous applause of which they deserve every second, having done the hard yards, playing to the local crowd on several occasions in the past year alone, the band kick into their set with the self-assured positivity of a band on top of their gam

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